The Lost Race

“People believe they have a time of their own. However, humanity belongs to a time loop. Time does not give second chances to anyone. All we can do is to see the hints. Sometimes the doorbell rings and you feel like you know who is at the door and the things that they are about to say. Well, do you really know? Or, maybe you lived that moment before. Did you want them to come to you, or did they choose to come on their own? What if you chose everything that happens beforehand? Dejavu happens as a result of a flaw in the matrix system, which consists of time loops. The events you keep reliving in the life cycle are nothing but hints that the software developer left for you. The truths are beyond the time loop.”

“This book consists of the knowledge of occult science. The engineering ruins that are found inside underground tunnels are proof of the fact that the ancestors of the human race were extraterrestrial beings. In order for you to rediscover existence and creation, this book has the 72 cosmic frequencies and the right ways of questioning. It is possible to recode the DNA that was exposed to mutation. What about you? Are you ready to change?”

“Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow are not consecutive. Sometimes you wake up today, after tomorrow.”

Comments of the editor: After it was first published in 2019, four additional printings of this book have been made in Turkey by 2021. The author explains many subjects related to occultism, magick, esotericism, metaphysics and more on a fundamental level, and the book itself is a perfect introduction to these subjects. The book is easy to understand due to its simplicity, and explanations with solid examples. It teaches questioning many things and not believing everything in the way that they are presented to us, and it leads to research and new discoveries. It is a successful and unprecedented book in its own field.

The book avaliable on Google Books